Tuesday, August 12, 2014

An Overview of Installation Art

Marc Latamie has worked as an artist in New York City since 1975, though his work has been distributed and viewed on an international level. Over the course of his career, Marc Latamie has worked in a variety of creative areas, including installation art.

Installation art is a term applied to a spectrum of creative works that employ 3D objects in addition to more traditional 2D materials. While there is no one theme or motif that defines installation art, it is common for creators to utilize objects from mainstream culture and display or juxtapose them in a way that comments on the values of modern society. 

Installation art is a relatively new addition to the world of contemporary art, though it is being practiced by more and more postmodernists. This way of creating work is also heavily linked to conceptual art and even computer art. The major difference between conceptual and installation art is that the latter is more concerned with the use of physical space in addition to presentation.

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