Thursday, March 20, 2014

Art Installations

The New York-based artist, Marc Latamie, studied art history and the visual arts at the University of Paris VIII. Marc Latamie has created various art installations. His For Rent series was exhibited at America’s Society.

Created for specific sites, art installations are assembled with the aim of commanding entire spaces for pre-determined periods of time. The concept became prevalent in the 1960s, when conceptual art, Pop art, and Nouveau Réalisme were popular movements. An art installation’s purpose is to bring the viewers into the piece, giving them a perspective that goes beyond viewing two-dimensional artwork. In addition, artists can use installations to engage the other senses, for instance touch and smell. 

One early art installation was the artist Yves Klein’s 1958 work, The Void. The installation displayed the bare, white walls of a gallery. A year later, the space was dramatically transformed by the artist, Arman. The room was filled with garbage, and, as a result, its interior could only be viewed through a window. This installation was named Fullness. Other notable art installations have been created by artists such as Andy Warhol, Edward Kienholz, and Allan Kaprow.