Friday, May 16, 2014

What Is Golf Design?

Marc Latamie is an artist whose work has been exhibited around the globe. Among his wide range of aesthetic interests, Marc Latamie follows trends and topics in golf design. 

Golf design, or golf architecture, has attracted the talents of individuals from a wide range of backgrounds. Some well-known golf designers, such as Nicklaus and Braid, have golfed professionally, whereas others have come to the work by vastly different paths. George Crump owned a hotel, and Alister MacKenzie was a physician. The love of the game is one thing that golf designers do seem to universally share. 

In golf architecture, the needs of the game, with all its important details and nuances, are applied to a tract of land in order to produce unique and challenging courses. Designers must consider the contours of the environment in relation to players’ eventual strategies and shots. The product of their design is essentially a puzzle in three dimensions. The engineer must take into account that modifying one portion of the land will impact the entire course. As with a puzzle, each course is unique, and there is no one perfect solution. The rules of design are rather free form, and leave ample room for the imagination, but the process, with all its concerns, is incredibly complicated.

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